Huntsville Family Photographer Birthday Session


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How We Celebrate Birthdays

As a family photographer and mother, one of the most fun things for me to do is birthday photoshoots with my girls around the Huntsville area. So when my youngest turned 5 years old, I was more than ready for her little birthday session. 5 years old is such a milestone to reach, especially when it comes to your youngest.

I want my children to know how much we love and value them, especially on their birthdays. And this birthday was no different. We got her a few of her most wanted toys (one of which is a hilarious game called “Greedy Granny”). Most importantly, we spent the day together as a family. We went to Let’s Play and playing laser tag and arcade games at Star N’ Strikes. And what 5 year old birthday is complete without Chick-fil-A? So, of course we visited there too. Then of course came, pizza and cookie cake. Just for future reference, if you get the birthday candles that are sparklers, be prepared to sing happy birthday and sing it FAST because those things burn out quick!

Last but not least, we did the traditional birthday photoshoot. During my girls’ birthday photoshoots, we listen to their favorite music, we explore and play games, and all the while I snap images of them. I know I am going to be so glad that I have those images, the next day and years down the road.

During Your Sessions

As a family photographer in Huntsville, when I’m taking photos of you and your family, I’m getting images that I know I as a mother want. When it comes to my kids, I want detailed shots of their little hands playing, of their long eye lashes and the way that they run towards me. And I aim to capture the same for you during your sessions.