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I’m grateful you are checking out my work here at my website and blog. Over the past several years, I have loved getting to meet new families and photograph special moments in their lives. If you are looking for a Huntsville, Alabama photographer, I would love to be considered! To see more of my portfolio, please click here. My portfolio shows my work in family, newborn, and maternity sessions. Also, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have and speak with you about a session. Now onto photography session tips!

As a family and newborn photographer in Huntsville, Alabama, I get asked many times about what one should wear to their photography session. With so many options to choose from and the many factors to be considered, it can be a hard process for some. I’m going to give you two key pieces of insight that I give to my own clients as we work on their session wardrobe together.


The first tip that I gave a few months back (see post, was to always, always make sure you give any kiddos involved in the session a snack (a non-messy snack, of course) right before the session. And bring more to the session! Children need to have happy bellies for their photography session. This is even more important if the session occurs around dinner time (which is often the case in the spring and fall for outdoor sessions when the sun sets around 5:30 or 6:00). 

Photography Session Tip | Insight #1

Now, in the realm of what to wear, most photographers want their clients to think in terms of complimenting instead of matching. So, for example: matching would be everyone in the session wearing identical green and gray plaid shirts and jeans. That is fine, and if you want to do it, go for it! But in terms of the best aesthetics in a photo, complimenting is best. An example of complimenting with the above scenario would be dad wearing the plaid shirt and jeans and mom wearing a cool off-white or light gray dress. Complimenting outfits is part of the equation that brings all of the parts of an image together in a cohesive way.

Photography Session Tip | Insight #2

Next, I would say to add TEXTURE and MOVEMENT to your photos with some of the following: jewelry, sweaters, pattern, long flowy dresses, or lace. The dynamics these elements add can be really beautiful, especially for those intimate and emotional shots! Think mom and dad snuggling baby in their arms, and baby’s head is laying on mom’s warm, comfortable, and beautifully textured sweater. It adds another layer of life to an image.


If you would like to reserve your 2022 family, maternity, or newborn session, at various locations in the north Alabama area (Madison, Huntsville, Decatur, and other beautiful cities),  contact me here. I will respond with an email shortly.

Jessica Pohly is a Huntsville, Alabama photographer and regularly offers photography session tips via this blog.