Why a Newborn Photographer?


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I’ve been working as a newborn photographer for almost 3 years now. I feel it is helpful for me to clarify the question, why should I hire a photographer who specializes in newborn photography for my newborn session? Is it really helpful or can I hire a family photographer?

Why a Newborn Photographer?

Each and every “type” of photographer (for example, wedding, family) are gifted in the area for which they specialize. I, as a newborn and family photographer, have extensive experience photographing newborns as well as families with children of various age ranges. Not only that, but I have received specialized training in newborn safety and session flow. A lot of thought and intentional planning has gone into how a newborn session should flow and function.

You can certainly have good session experience with someone who does not specialize in newborn. If you trust that photographer and know their work, it may be worth it to you to schedule with them! But there are loads of benefits and peace of mind scheduling with someone who is trained in what you are looking for. One benefit to speak of is your session can go a LOT more smoothly with someone who understands newborns: what they need, what is soothing to them, and what is safe for them.

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