When Schedule Newborn Photography?


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I’ve been working as a newborn photographer for almost 3 years now. As a Huntsville Photographer specializing in newborn photography, I feel it is helpful for me to clarify the question, when should I schedule a newborn session? How long should I get on the books before baby is due? I will give you my view below!

When Schedule Newborn Photography?

I often recommend that clients reach out to book with their newborn photographer once they’ve reached their second trimester of pregnancy. The reason I recommend this time frame is because 1- you’re likely starting to feel better as you’re out of the first trimester 2-this will also give time to schedule a maternity session with your photographer if that is what you want. Lastly, this will ensure your newborn photographer has space on their calendar to schedule your newborn session.

The process will vary across photographers but how I operate is I will take on only so many newborn sessions per month. This helps me to ensure that I have availability for each client when baby is actually born while also allowing for reschedules (which is more than understandable in the newborn season of life). My clients will give me a call or text once they’ve had baby and we finalize the date and time of the session at that point.

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